Undergraduate Program Overview

The Bachelor of Science curriculum in Recreation, Sport and Tourism (RST) prepares students to design, manage, and market recreation, sport and tourism enterprises. It provides a firm foundation for careers in the industry or for subsequent graduate study. A broad general education is complemented by a core of professional courses. The program includes a foundation that describes and integrates state-of-the-art theory and practice. Beyond that foundation, students choose to specialize in recreation, sport or tourism. The program also allows multiple specializations so that students can prepare for leadership by including combinations of recreation, sport and tourism courses in their curriculum. The major requires 128 credit hours for graduation. It consists of five components: general education requirements [36 hours], core requirements [39 hours], concentration requirements [9 hours], electives [32 hours], and an internship [12 hours].

  • The General Education requirements (GenEd) describe the mandatory courses all students campus-wide must take in order to graduate. They are an important component of students' education at the University of Illinois.
  • The Core Courses provide the necessary classes to enable students to understand the magnitude, characteristics, and impacts of the recreation, sport and tourism industry. The core courses also include training in management, marketing, finance, and strategy so that knowledge about the industry can be applied in the professional world.
  • Concentration Requirements enable students to develop advanced specialized knowledge about the substance and management in their preferred realm of the recreation, sport and tourism industry. Students pick at least one aspect – recreation or sport or tourism – in which to specialize. Students also have the freedom to specialize in any two or all three.
  • Electives give students the capacity to tailor their education by exploring topics of interest, and by broadening and deepening their skills and understandings. Students can blend non-required courses offered in Recreation, Sport and Tourism with courses offered anywhere in the university. In consultation with their advisor, students can develop a curriculum that precisely matches their needs and interests.
  • The Internship is a capstone experience through which students spend a semester applying all that they have learned. They work with a recreation, sport or tourism organization of their choosing in order to gain added familiarity with the industry, and to hone their skills.


Areas of Concentration

  • Recreation Management
  • Sport Management
  • Tourism Management


For information on applying:

General Education Requirements

36 hours


Core courses

39 hours

  • RST 100: RST in Modern Society (3)
  • RST 101: Orientation to RST (1)
  • RST 200: Leadership in RST (2)
  • RST 255: Ethical Issues in RST (2)
  • RST 2XX: Management in RST (3)
  • RST 2XY: Financial Resource Management in RST (3)
  • RST 320: Leisure Services Marketing (3)
  • RST 340: Leisure and Facility Management (3)
  • RST 370: Research in Leisure Studies (3)
  • RST 3XY: Communication in RST (3)
  • RST 410: Strategic Thinking in RST (3)
  • RST 4XV: Event Management (3)
  • RST 4XX: Event Implementation and Evaluation (3)
  • RST 429: Contemporary Issues in RST (3)
  • RST 480: Orientation to Practicum (1)


Concentration Requirements

9 hours


  • RST 120: Foundations of Recreation (3)
  • RST 3ZZ: Public Recreation (3)
  • RST 4XR: Community Recreation and Planning (3)


  • RST 130: Foundations of Sport Management (3)
  • RST 354: Legal Aspects of Sport (3)
  • RST 4XS: Sport & Development (3)


  • RST 150: Foundations of Tourism (3)
  • RST 351: Culture and Tourism (3)
  • RST 457: Tourism Development (3)


Restricted Electives

12 hours

Departmental courses not required in the core or counted toward concentration requirement


Free Electives

20 hours

Any courses not counted toward core requirements, concentration requirements or restricted electives



12 hours

  • RST 484 (12)